ORHS has just constructed a climbing wall to offer an Adventure Education curriculum to students! They still need some additional  equipment to supplement the wall. For more information, contact Don Maynard at dmaynard@orcsd.org

Donations in memory of ORHS social studies teacher Pam Raiford will fund particular ORHS programs that were close to Pam's heart. ORAA will choose programs in consultation with Pam's family and ORHS staff/administration.

​PDF of Donations and Disbursements


Mini Grants: ORAA gives small grants ($300 each) to fund innovative Oyster River classroom projects that are not being supported by the district budget. To date $12,445 has been donated through the Mini Grant program. PDF Listing of Grants. The 2017-2018 mini grant projects will be accepting donations in November 2018 and will be displayed on this page.

ORAA Scholarship
ORAA awards an annual scholarship to an ORHS graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in Oyster River community organizing. The ORAA Service Award is given to a junior or senior who has volunteered a significant amount of time and energy helping ORAA with fundraising events and generating student awareness.

The Teachers Memorial Fund: Allows alumni and friends to donate in the name of a favorite teacher who has passed away. ORAA will consult with the school district to select an appropriate scholarship or educational program to receive the donation. There are also several specific teacher memorial funds to choose from.

ORHS Climbing WallDonations will be put toward the construction of a 4-6 person climbing wall in the ORHS gymnasium. (In memory of ORHS 1992 alum, Peter Grant).

How to DonateYou can donate online or mail a check, payable to "ORAA" (write the designation in the subject line) to: Oyster River Alumni Association, P.O. Box 320, Durham, NH 03824



ORAA does not request or require membership dues and we pass on 100% of donations (minus paypal fees) to our causes. Please help us cover our administrative costs with a small donation!




ORAA Scholarship Fund & ORAA Service Award

A $300 annual scholarship goes to an ORHS graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in Oyster River community organizing. We hope that this scholarship will help inspire a future generation of ORAA leadership. The ORAA Service Award ($100) is given to a junior or senior or who has performed significant volunteer work for ORAA over the course of the year.  

PDF of Scholarship Winners 2010-2017 

PDF of Service Award Winners 2015-2017

Oyster River High School Adventure Education Curriculum


MW-MOH Cross School Event Fund

Donations to this fund will be put toward sponsoring community building activities that bring together Mast Way and Moharimet elementary students within each grade level. These joint events may be comprised of activities such as: community service projects, UNH Browne Center relationship/team building programs, charitable road races and more!
PDF of Donations and Disbursements


​Donations in memory of ORHS teacher Phyllis Pomerleau will be used for a scholarship to a graduating ORHS Senior who intends to develop a career in K-12 teaching. 

PDF of Donations and Scholarship Winners

​Donations in memory of ORHS teacher Lou Mroz will support ORHS Social Studies curriculum, class field trips, guest speakers, and clubs that explore Social Justice issues. 

The fund will also occasionally support ORHS students who need financial support in order to participate in Social Justice programs/projects. 
​PDF of Donations and Disbursements

Pam Raiford Memorial Fund


Martin Brewer Shakespeare Fund

Donations in memory of ORHS English teacher Martin Brewer will be used to realize his desire to bring professional Shakespeare productions to ORHS. One performance costs about $2,700. PDF of Donations and Disbursements.

Phyllis Pomerleau Scholarship

Lou Mroz Social Justice Fund 


General Teachers Memorial Fund

Donate in memory of any Oyster River teacher here. ORAA will work with the district to find an appropriate scholarship or educational program to give it to. Specify teacher name in "notes" section of transaction.