​​​​​​​​​​​Martin Brewer Shakespeare Fund

Donations in memory of ORHS English teacher Martin Brewer will be used to realize his desire to bring professional Shakespeare productions to ORHS. One performance costs about $2,700. PDF of Donations and Disbursements.

Phyllis Pomerleau Scholarship

Lou Mroz Social Justice Fund 


General Teachers Memorial Fund

Donate in memory of any Oyster River teacher here. ORAA will work with the district to find an appropriate scholarship or educational program to give it to. Specify teacher name in "notes" section of transaction.


Mini Grants: ORAA gives small grants ($300 each) to fund innovative Oyster River classroom projects that are not being supported by the district budget. To date $10,045 has been donated through the Mini Grant program. PDF Listing of Grants. See 2016-2017 mini grant projects in the green text box below!

ORAA Scholarship
ORAA awards an annual scholarship to an ORHS graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in Oyster River community organizing. The ORAA Service Award is given to a junior or senior who has volunteered a significant amount of time and energy helping ORAA with fundraising events and generating student awareness.

The Teachers Memorial Fund: Allows alumni and friends to donate in the name of a favorite teacher who has passed away. ORAA will consult with the school district to select an appropriate scholarship or educational program to receive the donation. There are also several specific teacher memorial funds to choose from.

ORCSD Mental Health Fund
Donations to this fund will be used toward resources that will help support the mental health of Oyster River students, with an emphasis on suicide prevention.

Peter Grant Climbing Wall FundDonations in memory of Class of 1992 alum Peter Grant will be put toward the construction of a climbing wall in the ORHS gymnasium.

How to DonateYou can donate online or mail a check, payable to "ORAA" (write the designation in the subject line) to: Oyster River Alumni Association, P.O. Box 320, Durham, NH 03824

ORAA Scholarship Fund & ORAA Service Award

A $300 annual scholarship goes to an ORHS graduating senior who has demonstrated excellence in Oyster River community organizing. We hope that this scholarship will help inspire a future generation of ORAA leadership. The ORAA Service Award ($100) is given to a junior or senior or who has performed significant volunteer work for ORAA over the course of the year.  

PDF of Scholarship Winners 2010-2016 

PDF of Service Award Winners 2015-2016

Mast Way Playground Fund


Peter Grant Climbing Wall Fund


Donations in memory of Class of 1992 alum Peter Grant will be put toward the construction of a 4-6 person climbing wall in the ORHS gymnasium. 

PDF of Cost Estimate
PDF of Fundraising Tracker

Donations over $250 please send a check payable to "Oyster River Alumni Association" (write "Mast Way Playground Fund" in the subject line) to ORAA, P.O. Box 320, Durham NH 03824.

This mini grant will provide an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to experience and explore the land with 2nd grade students. Currently, the Mast Way 2nd grade team holds Nature Walks every Thursday at Mast Way Elementary school, guided by Mrs. Fisher, a community member who is knowledgeable about the local landscape.  High school students who are taking an English elective course called “Literature and the Land” will be brought to Mast Way to take part in the walks and collaborate, discuss, observe and learn about nature. The 2nd graders will serve as mentors to high school students, demonstrating their knowledge of the local landscape. High school students will serve as role models and mentors to the younger 2nd graders. Funding will be put towards bus transportation costs. [AMOUNT RAISED: $192.87]

The fund will also occasionally support ORHS students who need financial support in order to participate in Social Justice programs/projects. 
​PDF of Donations and Disbursements

Oyster River Mini Grant Projects for 2016-2017 (Each project has requested $300)

Project #1  UNH Research Pier Field Trip - Oyster River High School  (Teacher: Tracey Benkosky)  

Project #2 Marine Biology Research Collaboration with UNH - Oyster River High School (Teacher: Sara Cathey)

Project #3 Mexican Cultural Program at Margarita’s Restaurant - Oyster River High School (Teacher: Mary Beaton)

Project #4 "Women in STEM" Program for Girls - Oyster River Middle School (Teacher: Susan Bissell)

Project #5 Family Fun Science Nights - Oyster River Middle School (Teacher: Susan Bissell)

Project #6  “Best Buddies” Program - Oyster River Middle School  (Teacher: Alexa Grout)

​​​​Project #7 Nature Exploration - Mast Way Elementary School and Oyster River High School  (Teacher: Kara Sullivan)

​​Project #8  Laptop Cart - Moharimet Elementary School (Teacher: Julie Hall)

​Donations in memory of ORHS teacher Lou Mroz will support ORHS Social Studies curriculum, class field trips, guest speakers, and clubs that explore Social Justice issues. 

44 Marine Biology students at ORHS will work with UNH research professor Jenn Dijkstra and her graduate students to study benthic organisms in the Gulf of Maine, specifically looking for evidence of invasive species.  Invasive species are a biological disturbance that negatively effect local ecological communities by altering biodiversity and the course of succession. In this study, students will hang Plexiglas plates off a pier in Great Bay for ten weeks.  These plates will be collected every two weeks, and ORHS students will identify and analyze the species of benthic organisms that attach to the plates (as shown in the photo to left of the Great Bay picture).  Over the initial course of the study, ORHS students will be working at UNH labs, where they will learn how to identify and record the collected organisms.  ORHS students will then work independently at the high school for the following eight weeks to record and analyze data. Funding will be used for transportation to the UNH lab and for purchasing Plexiglas plates and a cooler for transport. [THIS MINI GRANT IS FILLED!]

​The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) club meets twice a month after school. Graduate students from the Women in Engineering program at UNH come to ORMS and work with girls on STEM projects. The grant will go toward purchasing a “Desolation STEM” kit that presents students with a real-life scenario that requires use of engineering/science concepts to resolve. [THIS MINI GRANT IS FILLED!]

Approximately 90 Spanish 2 students will take a field trip to Margarita’s Restaurant, where they will learn about the food and culture of Mexico. Students will be shown a DVD presentation of present day Mexico, its people, its tradition and its art. They will then take a tour of the restaurant to see the folk art and décor that have been viewed in the presentation. Students make fresh guacamole and salsa fresca by hand to add to a Mexican-style meal. They are presented with a piece of authentic Mexican art to take back to the classroom. The trip costs $12.00 per student and 2 or 3 busses are needed for transportation. [AMOUNT RAISED: $193.57]

The ORHS Earth, Oceans and Space (EOS) classes are seeking $300 funding to help defray the costs associated with a field trip lab experience this fall. Four EOS classes will visit the UNH Research Pier in New Castle, NH as part of the Oceanography unit. While there, students will rotate through hands-on stations and study various topics with the UNH Marine Docents. They will also go out on the Piscataqua River on the Gulf Challenger research vessel and climb to the top of the lighthouse. Funds will go towards paying the UNH Marine Docent Program, buses and a donation to the lighthouse. [THIS MINI GRANT IS FILLED!]

Donations to this fund will be used to support the construction of a new playground for Mast Way Elementary School. The playground committee needs to raise $20,000 by the end of December 2016 to purchase a key piece of equipment. Please make a tax-deductible donation today! 

Best Buddies ORMS provides an opportunity for students to make/develop friendships with peers with and without disabilities to support full inclusion/membership in our ORMS community. Students are accepting of differences in others and are encouraged to meet new friends and spend time with them both in and out of school. Students can choose to be matched in 1:1 friendships which develop throughout the year; or students who just want to be part of the club activities can join as Associate Members. The group meets twice a month, once in-school and once on a local field trip. Meetings and field trips help to build group membership and provide experiences in the community that some of the students do not typically participate in.  The program has a student led advisory board and is self-funded.  Teachers advising the club often use their own financial resources and donate their time to provide the activities. Additional funding will help the Club reach more students and provide more financial support for those students who need it. [THIS MINI GRANT IS FILLED!]

​Family Fun Science Nights are an opportunity for families to explore some aspect of science together. Several different activity tables are set up for children and their parents. Each night runs for about two hours, 1-2 times per month for 10-15 families. The supplies for some of the activities can be costly and many activities are disposable and can’t be reused in future years due to the chemicals used - like making slime, ice cream, crystals etc. This grant will help offset the cost of supplies. [AMOUNT RAISED: $192.72]

This mini grant will help purchase two new laptop carts to house the school’s 40-plus laptops. The laptop carts cost about $2,000 each. As technology becomes more integrated into all aspects of Grade K-4 curriculum, it becomes more imperative for digital devices to be accessible to all students in all classrooms. One cart stores up to 30 computers. The carts would also allow the movement of laptops from classroom to classroom with greater ease, assuring all students access to technology to deepen and broaden curriculum. [AMOUNT RAISED: $168.57]

​Donations in memory of ORHS teacher Phyllis Pomerleau will be used for a scholarship to a graduating ORHS Senior who intends to develop a career in K-12 teaching. 

PDF of Donations and Scholarship Winners