Matt Smith, Class of 2004

Steve Wourgiotis, Class of 1991
​Vice President

Anita Mathur, Class of 1992

Bridgette Beagen, Class of 2009

General Board Members:

Robyn Gault, Class of 1995

Ben Hardy, Class of 1995

Christopher Jerard, Class of 1993

​Pranav Nanda, Class of 2013

Deborah Savage-Rearick Curran,
Class of 1982

The Oyster River Alumni Association serves those who attended the Oyster River Cooperative School District in Durham, New Hampshire. 

The vision of ORAA is to strengthen the Oyster River community by 1) facilitating alumni networking and communication, 2) providing funds in support of OR events and causes, and 3) increasing awareness of current Oyster River issues.

This website will function to disseminate important information about OR alumni and OR events.  It will also be a networking and discussion forum for OR alumni, and the primary fundraising site for the ORAA.

Read the ORAA By Laws

Non-Profit Status

The Oyster River alumni association was founded in April 2005 as a state of New Hampshire non-profit (NH Business ID 536215). In March 2009 ORAA became a federally tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit “public charity” (Tax-ID 26-0117747).